11 comments on “Ep 02: Spoiler Alert!

  1. Ok, only half way through but I have to agree with Shawn’s comments about what is the end game to the flat earther belief. Just wanting to be right? Ok, what if they are right, now what? Lol

  2. Ok finished. First: I laugh cried on the freeway listening to the meditation story. I can only imagine Shawn laying in the dark, hearing these voices with wild open eyes thinking “I’ve got the schizophrenia.” While Maggie is laying beside you completely oblivious.

    Secondly – I’m with Maggie on the crying at everything. I think it’s an age thing. Lol You’re probably smart not to watch the last 2 Harry Potter movies as you will sob through their entirety.

    You guys are friggin hilarious. And chops to Shawn for coming mildly prepared this episode even though you’re not sure it’s a thing yet. Lol.

  3. Listening to your podcast is funny because I keep catching myself wanting to chime in. You guys are too funny keep it up

      1. You think I hate everything. I always welcome your banter Shawn. I don’t have to agree with you to listen to your opinion.

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