6 comments on “Ep 04: A Girl Named Carl

  1. Padme was 14 and Anakin was 9 in episode 1. So they were 19 and 24 in episode 2. Come on Maggie isn’t 5 years your’s and Shawn’s age gap?
    Jon favreau and the game of thrones writers are doing new star wars movies Shawn so there is still hope for your faith in the franchise. Also there is the novelization of the last jedi that goes into snoke’s origins and how he became connected with Kylo. Ultimately we shouldn’t have had to research to find this but there are a lot of character origins not explained. Darth maul a huge one. Anyway. I hope that one person writing the three trilogys coming up will be good since the can write the entire story. Even RJ is being given a fresh canvas. I like brick and Looper so maybe. Just maybe. Btw I liked the prequels except Hayden Christensen! Especially grievous. Haha. Ok I’m gonna stop

    1. I’m a hypocrite because even though they’ve made so many bad choices I’ll keep on watching. I’m not sure how bad they’ll have to get before I give up hope.

      I didn’t read the novelizations for the last two movies as they were just so disappointing. I’ll have to check them out at some point.

      They can turn it around, but they can’t unmake the last two movies unfortunately.

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