18 comments on “Ep 05: You Can’t Juice A Child

  1. Awesome episode again, guys!

    Ok, here we go…

    Willie Wonka – I used to watch this all the damn time but honestly don’t remember it being on tv at a specific time of the year (I only remember Wizard of Oz at Christmas every year). This movie, to me, was one giant acid trip and a parable telling kids that if they act like little shits, bad stuff happens. You end up living in a dumpster, or shrunk down and have to live off crumbs and Werthers candies at the bottom of your mom’s purse, or you drown in a pool of chocolate (which is actually the way to go if you love chocolate as much as me). I don’t think I ever equated the results of those bad actions as death. But now I need to go back and watch it with fresh eyes. Though the boat scene was always the scariest for me because that’s what I equated the acid trip with. Lol

    In regards to the Mandela Effect, I think that I have fallen prey to that many times. I was one that always believed The Berenstein Bears was spelled that way, not Berenstain (which I had actually made a note to talk about before you even mentioned it). I had those books as a kid and remember it as -ein on the front of the books. I think people who think of Looney Tunes being “Looney Toons” maybe because they’re confusing it with “Tiny Toons”…or maybe that’s just me because I freaking loved that show. The brain is a strange thing when it comes to memories. I have specific childhood memories that I am convinced are real, but my adult brain keeps telling me maybe it was just some vivid dream and not actually real because how can I remember so much detail from when I was like 5 or 10. Or maybe I just don’t want those memories to be real because they are horrific.

    I do believe the Mandela Effect is just our faulty brains not holding on to accurate information but also being extremely susceptible to manipulation. You guys both gave prime examples with both of your segments – the events of the Lamb of God concert as well as Maggie’s list. It’s so easy to do. Did you ever play the game Telephone as a kid? You start on one end with a story and retell it down the line and by the time you get to the end the story is completely different. We hear what we want to hear and retain that information not necessarily what is the truth.

    Ooh..that reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror where an insurance claims adjuster pulls memories right out of people’s brains with some computer program, so she sees what they saw as it happened rather than take a statement where these people try to recall what happened. It’s actually frightening how inaccurate our brains can be.

    Anyway, novel over. Amazing episode guys!

    1. OMG THAT EPISODE OF BLACK MIRROR! I’ve only seen like three episodes and that one was TERRIFYING and awesome.

      I have memories like yours; I swear they happened but even trying to talk about them makes me feel sick, so I just prefer to think they’re nightmares.

      And YES WITH THE TINY TOONS! I forgot that was spelled “TOONS,” but I watched it every single day after school. I wonder how much of my misspelling Looney Tunes has to do with that exposure.

      1. You totally should watch all of Black Mirror. I loved most of the episodes. One of my favorites/most horrifying episodes is where people have recorders in their heads so they can replay memories like videos. Scary as shit!

    2. That whole season of Black Mirror is really good.

      And Willy Wonka got away with child murder, no one will convince me otherwise. Which is absolutely brilliant in that it’s perceived as a fun children’s movie.

      I’m happy to hear you don’t believe in time travelers making negligible alterations to history.

      1. No, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to convince me that time travelers exist. Except maybe, possibly, The Doctor may be real, but that’s it. There’s no 12 Monkeys Bruce Willis running around changing things.

        Now I definitely need to rewatch Willy Wonka as a murder movie. I’m intrigued.

        1. I would love to hear what you think after watching it from a different angle.

          I’ve seen seasons one and four of Black Mirror. I need to watch the rest. Don’t know why I skipped the middle seasons.

  2. Shawn, I think they used to play Willy Wonka at Mayfair. Maybe you saw it there. “I said good day/Nope!”
    Another great episode. You guys are killing it.

  3. Also, Shawn better have known how to spell Febreze. He used to spray that shit on everything when we lived in Memphis. I think he sprayed it directly on Rob while he was smoking once.

  4. The bass player in my band brought up Mandela effect a few weeks back. Some examples were c3pi had a silver leg and the spelling of an American tale. Pretty wild stuff.

    1. C3PO’s lower right leg is silver. At least I think it is. Now I have to look into it.

      It was spelled American Tail. Right? You’re talking about the movie?

      1. I remember led him being all gold but I think that’s because the lighting in Star Wars is usually really bright or really dark and you don’t notice the silver leg unless you’re looking for it.

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