13 comments on “Ep 06: If Demons Persist for More Than 6 Hours

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. The whole exorcism scene is freaky as fuck. They showed an exorcism on 20/20 way back in like 1990, and it weirded me out for a while.

    I also like when anyone talks about Pantera. I will say I thought Dime was buried with a blue Frankenstein guitar, so I learned something today.

  2. The email address for suggestions passed me. So how about I leave it here. The princess of mars series, how it’s influence is felt through most of our modern si-fi and how it has been mishandled in bringing it to date in modern media. Aka how disney mishandled john Carter. “Which I really liked” so Shawn prob hates it.

    1. I’ve heard of Princess of Mars but never read it.

      I started watching John Carter but I got bored and never finished it. I need to watch the whole thing, or maybe read the books. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t grab me at the time. I’ll revisit it.

      1. Its actually like 7 books. If you look into it let me know what you think. Flash Gordon is supposed to be directly taken from these stories among other things. It just makes me mad the way it was handled but yet they will make 7 twilight movies. What made me think of this was when you guys got upset over your story in the podcast and I was trying to think of the last time I was emotional in a moment like that and there is one scene in the movie that I don’t know why hits a nerve with me and give me the feels. Haha

  3. “This is Ohio. We don’t name out child Darryl here.” 😂😂😂😂😂

    So I don’t even listen to metal or know anyone who does but I remember Dimebag getting murdered. What I didn’t know was that it was on stage at a show. Holy fuck. I would be traumatized for life if I were at that show. But I’m glad the shooter got killed by the cops. People who murder genuinely good people have a special place in hell.

    So the religious medal things…they’re medallions that have Jesus, mary, and the saints on them. Mostly you’ll see Catholics wearing them. They’re for protection. There are saints for every occasion so you’ll have people wear a particular medallion for a purpose. Like I’ve been wanting a St Christopher medal to hang from my rear view mirror because he’s the patron saint of travel or something. Having that medal would make me feel protected or watched over and keep me safe while driving. Maggie probably got one similar to this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/538525195/gold-virgin-mary-medallion-necklace?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=virgin%20mary%20necklace&ref=sr_gallery-1-538525196

    Did you guys watch the Exorcist tv show that was on for half a season? That shit was frightening. I watched like 3 episodes and had to stop. I love the original movie. That never freaked me out. I never watched the Emily Rose movie though because that one looked like it would freak me out, too. Lol. Possession is a fucking scary thing. I believe it can happen even though I don’t really believe in demons, but I know it’s all schizophrenia and some kind of psychotic break or something, but scary none the less. Ooh…Penny Dreadful, too! Did you see that show? That’s got good examples of the vocal fry thing when the devil is speaking though her. Freaky as shit.

    Damn, I had a lot to say this week. Lol. Sorry.

    1. I’ve not seen Penny Dreadful! I feel like maybe Shawn watched it though. I’ll let him chime in on that. I also never saw the Exorcist TV show. Was it pulled for being too scary? Or canceled for sucking?

      That’s like the EXACT medal I had, that I’ve lost. Sorry, Virgin Mary. I moved a lot so I lost things.

      The Dimebag story was upsetting AF. I edited out the part where I cried like a baby when Shawn started talking about Eddie Van Halen. Our next episode will be happier, I promise. Shawn and I don’t talk about our subjects before we record so I didn’t realize we’d both be bummers this week, lol

      1. Penny Dreadful wasn’t that great. I kept expecting good shit to happen, but it was few and far between. But her portrayal of the possession was freaky good.

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