5 comments on “Ep 13: Bitch Slap Betsy

  1. Still mad I couldn’t go to trivia night with you guys. Not that I am smart enough to contribute a lot but watching you and Adam would have been fun. So with Ron Howard in American Graffiti and now directing the latest star wars movie I feel we may have come full circle. One note though. how were you not the guy who was online tearing up the dialogue and plot and character choices of the prequels. Really for me it is just a hate of Hayden Christenson (spelling amnesty) and I can enjoy the rest of it. But I have white privilege and did not notice that it was racist as shit.

    1. Trivia night just demonstrated how much I don’t know about Star Wars, but it was still a lot of fun.
      The writing in the prequels is so bad it just becomes amusing. But even with poor writing, Jar Jar, and far too much CGI they didn’t feel like an outright betrayal of the fanbase.
      Since you got me going, what happened to the dark side changing your actual appearance? Ren just has a scar, and he got that from a lightsaber fight. How can Rey dive into a pool of dark side (don’t know what to call it) and she’s just impervious to its temptation?
      The newer movies turn their back in what came before, and it’s not for the better. The prequels are mostly bad but have enough of that Star Wars feel to be somewhat enjoyable.

      1. Palpatine didn’t really have his appearance changed until windu. So I’m not sure if that is cannon or not. Also luke went into the cave and pretty easily didn’t turn to the dark side either which I think Rey’s little island scene was a direct rip from. I don’t think the new movies turn their back on the old I think they are trying to recreate them. The last jedi has so many similarities to empire. The ATAT in battle against little rebel ships. the new rebel base. The prodigy meeting the mentor and the prodigy leaving with out completing the training. Rian was praised for his originality and trying to do something different but he took a ton from empire and rotj. Maybe after the skywalker saga is complete we will get something good. Its like the new lord of the rings tv series that amazon is making, I am hoping since it will not be any preexisting characters they can do something enjoyable. I am not defending the new movies. I’m like you in the fact that I will spend my money to see them even though the hopes aren’t there.
        Was there a lot of book trivia?

        1. But Luke failed his test in the cave and it was a major concern for Yoda. Rey fails at nothing. I think TLJ is nothing like ESB, except for some minor things.

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