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  1. I didn’t know about star wars for a long time honestly. I was not born when the first one came out and we didn’t have cable or anything or go to the movie theatre until I was much older. All three of the first movies had been released by the time I saw any of them. I knew of it somewhat from toys. I actually read a book before I ever saw any of the movies and that was in middle school. I think it was honestly being very small and not very confident I just like the idea of that someone insignificant could have these crazy abilities and become so powerful. I for sure would have went to the dark side and used the force inappropriately. lol Amazing how going from that turned into the infatuation with movies because they allow you to escape briefly. I am lazy and reading takes to long even though I do enjoy the stories

    1. Do you remember if someone introduced you to the movies, or if they were just on TV and you happened to see them? My very vague earliest memory is watching ESB at my grandma’s house, and then Jedi was the last movie my mom took me to a theater to see until Jurassic Park.

      I used to read all the time as a kid, probably because I didn’t have TV. Now I get sleepy when I read lol.

      1. I saw Empire on tv for my first experience as well. My mom rented New Hope and Return that next weekend because its all I talked about. We are about the same age so that probably how it went for a lot of us or something similar. I remember going to Jurassic Park with my mom and then reading that book. Book is so much better but I loved the movie and the music in it.
        Same on the book thing. I read the first three Game of Thrones books and those are so overwhelmingly descriptive that its hard to read. I still want to read all the Harry Potter books one day but probably won’t lol

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