2 comments on “Ep 22: It’s a Constant Dumpster Fire

  1. Maggie I know about half of the tech you were talking about but never had any of it. My house didnt have a computer or internet until 2000 when I bought a Gateway lol.
    The first one I saw was the army of darkness. I didn’t know the back story about the evil dead 1 and 2 until I was like 25. Never got into the horror genre..
    I love daredevil, punisher, and Jessica jones. Luke Cage is ok. Iron Fist I just really cant get into and he almost ruined the defenders for me.
    Antman and the Wasp was great.

    Have I ever mentioned that its weird hearing people I know discuss relatable topics because I keep wanting to chime in or what not. lol

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