3 comments on “Spoilercast 02: Deadpool 2

  1. I’m going to go Marvel and DC separate when choosing my characters

    Marvel want would be spiderman. He is smart funny super strong and agile.
    I would probably be Uncle Ben
    DC I would want to be the flash but only the Barry Allen version. May not the fastest ever or the best version but that’s the story I always liked.
    I would probably be Lex Luthor. Just wanting to be special.

  2. As far as the review of the movie. I am was mad they wasted Juggernaut again. If he was going to be the villain then he should have been who cable came back to stop and they should have done him right. The only way they will ever be able to do right by me with him is if wolverine pops his helmet and Xzavier takes him down. I was hoping they would go a different way. I think focusing on fire fist as an overweight teenager who is unlikeable as a person was not the way to go. I kept getting stuck on it, because they threw in a ton of people and side characters and tried to build on the relationships with the side characters that were introduced in the first movie. I just think they complicated the story and it was really busy. Other than that I liked the movie. I thought the way they took out the xforce was hilarious. Most of the little jokes were good. I didn’t get the feet one honestly. I am not vested in this one so it was enjoyable.

    1. See it again, I enjoyed it so much more the second time and I don’t really know why.

      Rob Liefeld (artist and co-creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and X-Force) has always had trouble drawing feet. His anatomical proportions have always been terrible but as a kid I didn’t even notice.

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